AAS Display

AAS Display

The William Jennings Bryan Statue Garden was awarded the prestigious designation as an All-America Selections (AAS) Display Garden in the spring of 2009. Each year our design committee creates new plans where we plant many annuals for your enjoyment.  We have been very fortunate to have the support of the Salem High School and others who work hard to raise some of the flowers from seed for our garden and perform other project work in the garden.

All-America Selections was founded in 1932 and consists of trial grounds throughout the nation where flower and vegetable varieties are grown and assessed by skilled judges annually. Their mission is to promote new garden seed varieties with superior performance and to inform the public of the AAS winners each year. AAS continues as the oldest established international organization in North America.

The William Jennings Bryan Statue Garden has featured AAS plants of merit.

A special thanks to Elisa Hourigan from Four Seasons Garden Center and Nursery in Salem, Il who was very instrumental in getting this award and designation possible early in our garden club beginnings.



For additional information, there are links below to the AAS website

Main Page   http://all-americaselections.org/display_gardens/index.cfm

Criteria        http://all-americaselections.org/display_gardens/criteria.cfm

Guidelines   http://all-americaselections.org/display_gardens/guidelines.cfm

Winners       http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm

You can also search locations across the United States where you will find our garden under “Salem Memorial Garden” .


Name Year Won
Zinnia ‘Profusion Double Deep Salmon’ 2013 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=505
Zinnia ‘Profusion Double Hot Cherry’ 2013 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=506
Zinnia ‘Zahara Starlight Rose’ 2010 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=45
Zinnia ‘Zowie! Yellow Flame’ 2006 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=429
Zinnia ‘Profusion Orange’ (Gold Medal) 1999 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=366
Zinnia ‘Profusion White’ (Gold Medal) 2001 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=378
Marigold Moonsong Deep Orange 2010 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=2
Marigold ‘Queen Sophia’ 1979 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=493
Angelonia Serenita™ Pink 2014 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=566
Canna ‘South Pacific Scarlet’ 2013 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=497
Dianthus Jolt™ Pink 2015 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=608
Echinacea ‘Cheyenne Spirit’ 2013 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=498
Geranium Brocade Cherry Night 2016 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=628
Geranium Brocade Fire 2016 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=627
Geranium ‘Pinto Premium White to Rose’ 2013 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=503
Osteospermum Akila® Daisy White 2014 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=567
Petunia Tidal Wave® Red Velour 2015 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=607
Salvia Summer Jewel™ Lavender 2016 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=629
Salvia Summer Jewel White 2015 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=604
Salvia ‘Summer Jewel Pink’ 2012 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=295
Vinca ‘Jams ‘N Jellies Blackberry’ 2012 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=444
Viola ‘Shangri-La Marina’ 2011 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=109
Impatiens Bounce™ Pink Flame PPAF ‘Balboufink’ 2015 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=605
Impatiens SunPatiens® Spreading Shell Pink 2015 http://all-americaselections.org/winners/details.cfm?WinID=606