Quick Response Code

Quick Response Code

qr coeBeginning in 2015 volunteers planted more than just annuals with the existing perennials at the William Jennings Bryan Statue Garden (Route 37 N and Boone St in Salem). An exciting addition to the garden is aimed to help  novices and experts alike learn what is planted at this beautiful garden from their smartphone.

Of course you can learn the old fashioned way by reading the plant names right off the marker to do your own research on the internet, library or one of our local garden centers.

Members of the garden club, Pat Warden and Donna Beaumont, spearheaded the installation of this new tool by researching and identifying each item planted so they could be “coded”. This coding then allows someone who has a smartphone and scanning app (which is easy and free to install) on their phone to access information about that plant.

These newly “planted” markers have the plant names and what is called a QR (Quick Response) code. Now if you see a pretty flower and think you may want to buy one for your own garden or you’re just curious about what it is, you are just one scan away from learning and looking like an expert! You simply scan the code which will link to MBOT (Missouri Botanical Garden), Proven Winner or other websites for photos and a lot of useful information such as where to plant, how to plant, how much water or sun is needed, possible problems, and more. For now there are about 50 flowers, plants, or shrubs that you see with these new markers with more to be labeled in the future.

How can I identify what is planted?

Specifically marked plants have:

QR code (to scan):

Common Name

Botanical Name

Cultivar Name

Bryan Memorial Garden (current location)

POM: Plants of Merit or AAS: All American Selections

If you have a smartphone with a camera and a QR code reader/scanner application feature, you can sound like an expert with a push of a button!

Once you have scanned the QR code, it will direct you to either the MBOT site or Proven Winners where you will see a photo and a lot more information.  It’s that easy!!

Download:  QR Reader for IOS (iPad or iPhone) / QR Reader for Android / QR Reader for Windows Phone