Downtown Planters

Downtown Planters

Each Spring our team creates a new design and volunteers plant a variety of flowering plants which add color to the large cement planters along Route 50 going through the downtown district of Salem, Il. Each of the 26 planters holds a boxwood growing in the center.  Maintenance, clean-up and watering occurs throughout the season until plants are removed in the Fall.

A variety of ideas are considered and worked on so by November,  before the weather turns bad, our holiday decorating begins in the planters.  This may be DIY crafting projects or other items purchased for installation to add to the holiday spirit.

We’re always looking for new ideas, keeping in mind we need to consider the amount of resources (people, time and money) that would be required to accomplish.

In Jan/Feb of following year, the decorations are then removed with the boxwood remaining until spring planting begins again. Ideas and assistance are always appreciated.