Origin of our Name

Origin of our Name

What is the meaning or significance behind the name “Daffy-Dill” Garden club?

The idea originally grew from the Daffodil flower, which blooms in the Spring each year. The daffodil symbolizes new beginnings which described our club goals.

According to “theflowerexpert”, daffodil flowers symbolize friendship. Other common symbolic terms for a daffodil are Creativity, Inspiration, Renewal and Vitality. These are uplifting meanings that describe our club membership and efforts so the term Daffy-Dill was presented because we all know real gardeners can be a little “daffy”!   To make that point, there is a quote by an anonymous author “Real gardeners buy at least ten thousand plants in the course of a lifetime without having the least idea of where they will put any of them when they get home.”

So in 2006 the “Daffy-Dill” Garden Club took root and grew!